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We are in the process of launching over 200 local "City Resource Websites" for individual major cities across the United States.  Our individual City Resource Websites feature only a limited number of qualified local suppliers within each category for each metropolitan area.  Additionally, our websites are designed to generate immediate online inquiries while visitors are reading your company information!  To view a company listing example, click here.

Listing your wedding related business on the local Planning Resource Website for your area will help your business.  It is tested, proven and GUARANTEED!  The guarantee is simple - If your listing with us does not generate leads for your business, you will receive a 100% refund of the listing fee.  Period.

Our goal is not to become a directory where anyone and everyone is listed.  Not everyone will qualify for a listing so please READ the established minimum requirements  BEFORE you submit an application.

If you qualify, there is an annual fee of $25.00 for the listing

Payment for listing(s) will be due if/when your application has been approved and your company information is approved to be published to your local City Wedding Planning Resource Website. 

All applications are processed on a first come, first served basis and listings will appear on the category page in the order they are received and processed.  That means that the 1st listing received and approved will be the 1st listing seen on the category page.

All applications are automatically processed so please be sure to fill out the application completely.  Incomplete/inaccurate information will cause a rejection of your application.

Please provide the following applicant information:

Your Name
Your Title
Company Name or Dba
Company Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
COUNTY Where Located
Company Phone Number
Toll Free Phone Number
Your E-mail
Company Website URL

Please provide the following business background information:

Date Business Formed
i.e. date of registration or incorporation
Type of Organization
Example: sole proprietor, corporation, etc.
Where is business registered?
Example: State, County, etc.   
BBB Member?  Yes/No
BBB Complaints? Yes/No
Unresolved BBB Complaints? Yes/No
Customer Lawsuits? Yes/No

Please provide your desired member access information:

User Name
Confirm Password
Please select the categories that best describe your current target markets:

Weddings   Corporate Events   Private Parties   Meetings


Please select ONE primary category that best describes your business type:
(If you would like to list in an additional please submit another application to receive a discounted
listing in that additional category)

Accommodations (Hotel/Motel)  Caterer  Decor  Entertainment
Facility (Ceremony/Reception)  Planner  Service (printing, photo, video, etc.)
Shopping - Retail  Supplies and Equipment - Retail  Supplies and Equipment - Rental

What is the exact type of business?

Please type your business description below:  
You have up to 75 words with an absolute MINIMUM of 35 words. 
NOTE: Your business name, address, phone number, etc. are automatically formatted and DO NOT count in the word count.
ALSO, please DO NOT include html or hyperlinks in your description
We will format the appropriate text/hyperlink within the listing.

NOTE:  If you would like to be listed in more than one category please submit another application(s) for that listing.  The annual rate for additional category listings is discounted to $50.00.  Please remember you must currently offer the product or service that you wish to list within a category and cross category listing is not allowed.  For example, if you are a "caterer" who provides "rental equipment" as part of your catering package you may list only in the "catering" category.  If you are a "caterer" who offers "rental equipment" as a stand alone service without requiring use of your catering service you may then list in the "rental equipment" category in addition to the "catering".

NOTE:  By submitting this application you agree that you have read and meet the minimum established requirements (including being established and in business for a minimum of 2 years, not having unresolved issues with your local BBB) and further agree that if you provide false information on this form you will be subject to a $50.00 processing fee.

When you are ready to submit your application please click once on the "SUBMIT" button below.  It takes a moment or two to process the submission and when complete you will be taken to a "Thank You" page that confirms your submission.

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