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Below you will find a variety of articles including wedding planning ideas, tips and tricks about how to save money on a variety of wedding expenses - and how to stretch your wedding budget.  Feel free to print the articles for your own use so you can refer to them from time to time during the wedding planning process.

Be sure to check back from time to time since we will be adding new wedding planning guide articles frequently.


Wedding Planning Timeline and Checklist
Learn the essential first steps to planning a wedding and the order and timeline of steps to take in the wedding planning process.  

Wedding Reception Beverages and Bar Service Planning
Our guide will show you how to plan the beverage and bar service for your wedding reception including types of beverages, bar placement and staffing requirements.

Wedding Catering and Wedding Caterers
Learn how to select the right caterer for your wedding, different wedding reception food and beverage service options and how to save money on your wedding reception catering costs.

Wedding Cakes and Wedding Cake Decorating
Learn about different types of wedding cakes, the common frosting types that are used, how to determine wedding cake portion sizes and more.

Wedding Ceremony Locations
Learn how to find and select the perfect wedding ceremony location, important things to look for and important questions to ask before reserving a wedding ceremony location.

Wedding Cost Estimate
How much will a wedding cost?  Estimate your wedding costs by entering the services and products that you want at your wedding.  The wedding cost estimator uses cost data from weddings in major cities across the United States 

Unity Sand Ceremony
Learn about the Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony, what situations are best for this type of ceremony, how to coordinate the ceremony and where to get personalized unity sand ceremony vases.

Diamonds - Engagement and Wedding Rings
Learn about buying diamonds, engagement rings and wedding rings as well as how to save money when buying diamond engagement rings and wedding rings.

Wedding Dress Shopping
Learn how to and where to shop for a wedding dress and how to save money when buying a wedding dress.  Learn the precautions to take to make sure that your wedding dress arrives on time and that wedding dress fittings and alterations are completed on time.

Wedding Music - Wedding Bands and DJs
Learn how to pick the right wedding music for your wedding reception entertainment, how to find the right band or DJ and important points to consider when planning your wedding reception entertainment music.

Wedding Decor, Decorations, Florists and Floral Design
Learn how to select the right florist to provide your wedding flowers and floral arrangements and how to save money on your wedding decor.

Wedding Financing
Learn how to avoid situations that can damage your credit score and cost you much more than expected when financing your wedding expenses.

Wedding Guest Lists
Learn how to easily create your wedding guest list. 

Wedding Insurance
Learn about wedding insurance and how it can save you money if your wedding is cancelled or delayed.

Wedding Invitations
Learn how to address wedding invitations and the proper wedding invitation wording, form and etiquette.

Wedding Party Transportation and Limousines
Learn about different wedding transportation options, how to select the right wedding transportation or limousine service as well as how to save money when booking a limousine for your wedding.

The Rehearsal Dinner
Learn about the wedding ceremony rehearsal dinner, how to plan a rehearsal dinner, who is invited to the rehearsal dinner and who pays for the rehearsal dinner.

Money Saving Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks
Learn how to save money when planning your wedding and wedding reception.  Our money saving tips and ideas will help you stretch your wedding budget and reduce your wedding expenses!

Wedding Photographers and Photography Selection
Learn how to find a great photographer for your wedding, different budget and photo options that are available and money saving photography tips.

The MUST HAVE Wedding Photo List
A list of wedding ceremony and wedding reception photographs that many brides and grooms consider to be "must have" photos of the wedding.

Wedding Planner Selection
Learn what a wedding planner or coordinator can do for you, how wedding planners charge, how to pick the right wedding planner and how to save money when selecting a wedding planner or coordinator.

The Wedding Party - The Receiving Line
Learn about coordinating the wedding receiving line, which wedding party members are in the receiving line and the order of the receiving line.

The Wedding Party - Who Does What?
Learn about the members of the wedding party, how to select the wedding party members and their responsibilities.

Wedding Reception Facilities - Selection Tips and Advice
Learn about different wedding reception location options, how to find the perfect venue for your wedding reception and important details to look for and important questions to ask before booking a wedding reception location.

The Wedding Reception Order of Events
Learn about how to coordinate a wedding reception and view a list of the order of events for a wedding reception.

Wedding Reception Seating
Learn how to coordinate the seating for a wedding reception. Learn abut the different types of seating plans and how to create a seating chart and make seating assignments.

State Marriage Requirements
Learn the marriage requirements for different states, including age requirements, waiting periods, blood tests and more.

Tents for Weddings - Selection Tips and Advice
Learn about different tent types and styles and the different tent and accessory options that are available when you need a tent for your wedding.

Wedding Toasts and Speeches
Learn how to create the perfect wedding toast, who toasts the bride and groom and who organizes the toasts at the wedding reception

Wedding Videographers
Learn how to select a wedding videographer.

Wedding Expenses - Who Pays for What?
Learn about wedding budgets and expenses and who usually pays for the different costs involved in planning a wedding.

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